Pet Laser Therapy for Skin Conditions

It's a scary moment when we find something on our pet that shouldn't be there. A lump, bump, growth, or lesion can send our minds racing. We immediately worry about what is going on with our furry friend. At Animal Hospital of Union Grove, we understand these feelings. Our caring and experienced staff are here to help ease your mind and get your furry family member back in top shape.

Our animal hospital in Union Grove provides some of the most comprehensive and advanced treatments available. Part of our practice is using laser therapy, to treat a variety of skin issues. We don't believe in the surgical scalpel if a less invasive laser can solve the problem.

What Is Laser Therapy?

Laser therapy is a treatment method that has become quite popular in the veterinary world of late. The use of lasers stimulates the cells and electrons of an affected area to promote repair and growth. It's much less invasive and less painful for the pet. Other benefits include:

  • reduced risk of infection
  • no risk of heavy bleeding
  • no anesthesia
  • less swelling
  • faster recovery time
  • extremely precise in hitting the target
  • releases endorphins
  • relaxes muscles
  • less scarring
  • alternative to medication or topical creams that your pet may be allergic to

What Type of Skin Conditions Is Laser Therapy Used On?

Just like with humans, laser therapy can be used to relieve a variety of skin conditions. The most common being:

1. Polyps/Skin Tags

It's quite common for pets, especially as they age, to develop these harmless, yet annoying growths. They can irritate the skin and get caught on objects.

2. Sebaceous Cysts

These bumps can form after an injury or due to a blocked gland. While not life-threatening and usually not painful, they may cause discomfort and can grow to be cosmetically unappealing.

3. Acne

Pets can get pimples just like people. It can be itchy and even painful.

4. Scars From Surgery

If your pet has had surgery and is living with a scar as a result, laser therapy can help lessen the effects.

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