Animal Safety in Subzero Temperatures

Our Vet Can Help You Keep Your Pets Safe in Very Cold Temperatures

As you no doubt know, many kinds of pets have various sorts of protection that allow them to withstand colder temperatures. However, you can still act to protect them during winter. If you are concerned about your pet experiencing subzero temperatures, you should talk to our veterinarian at the Animal Hospital of Union Grove in Union Grove, WI. Our vet can help provide you with advice so you can keep your pets safe in extremely cold temperatures. 


Keep Your Pets Inside during Subzero Temperatures

Pets often have some type of natural protection, like fur, to help keep them warm in cold temperatures. That being said, if it is below zero degrees Fahrenheit outside, it may be best to keep your pets inside your home. Pets are still susceptible to hypothermia and frostbite, just like humans. For this reason, you should keep your pets inside during subzero temperatures for optimal animal safety. They may need to go outside to relieve themselves but be sure to bring them back inside quickly and rub off any snow they might have gotten on their paws.

Bring Your Pet in for a Winter Wellness Exam

Another thing that you can do to help keep your pets safe in subzero temperatures is to bring your pet into our practice for a winter wellness exam. Our veterinarian will take a look at your pet and ensure that he is in good health heading into the winter months. Subzero temperatures can make some medical conditions worse. As you might know, it is recommended that your pet gets a vet exam once every year. Bringing your pet into our practice before the winter months can be a good way to help make sure he is prepared and healthy for cold temperatures during the winter. 

Examine Your Pet's Paws Regularly

Something else that you can do to keep your pets safe during subzero temperatures is to take a look at their paws on a regular basis. If you have a dog, you should examine his paws after he goes outside to make sure that there are no signs of damage or injury from cold weather, like cracked paw pads or bleeding paw pads. If your dog suddenly struggles to move during a walk, this could be due to an accumulation of ice between its toes or an injury. One way you may be able to increase your pet's animal safety is to make sure your pet does not walk in snow or ice that often. 

Schedule an Appointment at Our Animal Hospital Today

You should make an appointment with our practice today if your pet needs a winter wellness exam or treatment due to winter conditions. Our vet can provide the winter care your pet needs. Make an appointment with us at Animal Hospital of Union Grove in Union Grove, WI. We look forward to helping keep your pets safe and healthy during the winter months. Call us at (262) 878-3333 for more information. 

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