Foreign Body Removal

Dogs and cats are naturally curious, and that same curiosity that makes them so fun to watch can land them serious trouble. Ingesting a foreign body is one of the most common reasons why pets need emergency surgery at our Animal Hospital of Union Grove in Union Grove, WI. Knowing the signs of a dog eating something shouldn’t help work with their veterinarian to plan appropriate treatment.

Foreign Body Removal

Prevent Pets from Ingesting Foreign Objects

Puppies are the most vulnerable to eating foreign objects. All it takes is a child’s small toy to get in your new pet’s path and send them to the vet. Keep anything that is not food off the floor or on the outdoor ground where your pet plays. Dog toys can become a foreign body ingestion incident if they break apart. Holiday items like tinsel can be hazardous for pets.

Watch Out for Signs to Go to the Animal Hospital

Dogs eating foreign objects might not show signs of distress right away. Instead, you might notice their symptoms as the thing gets stuck in their digestive system. Whining or refusing to eat are two signs of a foreign body getting attached. They might also strain to defecate, or they might only produce small amounts. If your pet seems upset when you pick it up or handle its stomach area, it may be in pain from having a foreign body lodged in its digestive system.

Work with Our Veterinarian Trained in Foreign Body Removal

Once you bring your dog to an animal hospital, you can expect the veterinarian to treat the situation as an emergency. Some foreign objects, such as batteries, can pose a severe risk of death if they are not removed in time. Even swallowing a piece of a plastic dog toy could lead to life-threatening symptoms. Vets usually use imaging scans to identify and locate the object in your dog’s digestive tract. Once they find it, exploratory surgery is usually the best option for removing the foreign body. An experienced vet can typically tell where the object is by using the scan to avoid unnecessary trauma while they remove the thing.

Meet with Our Vet Before You Need Emergency Services

You can always contact our team at (262) 878-3333 in the event of an emergency, and we frequently see new pet patients all the time. However, we also prefer assisting pets before they have a problem. So whether your pet ate something they shouldn’t or you’re looking for a new vet, call us today at our Animal Hospital of Union Grove in Union Grove, WI.

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