Pet Laser Therapy for Inflammation


Inflammation can cause pain and limit your pet's range of motion. The good news is that laser therapy can help. If you are in Union Grove, WI, contact us at Animal Hospital of Union Grove to see what we can do for your pet.

What Is Pet Laser Therapy?

We encounter lasers every day. For example, when you scan items at the supermarket, you use a laser. Surgical lasers are used instead of scalpels in our practice. Between these two extremes are therapeutic lasers. These use a specific wavelength of light to change cells and tissues. The light stimulates electrons, which causes cells to grow, reproduce, and repair.

Different wavelengths are helpful for other tissues. For example, red or infare light is suitable for deep tissue treatments, because it penetrates deep into the muscle, bone, or tissue being treated.

Lower wavelengths use blue, green, or violet light. These are absorbed by superficial tissues, which can treat skin issues.

What Can Laser Therapy Treat?

Laser therapy can treat many conditions. These include arthritis, surgical incisions, and injuries. In addition, it's suitable for muscle sprains, ligament tears, and traumatic injuries.

Pets who can't take conventional medications can benefit even more than most from laser therapy. Dogs with the liver disease can't take most pain medications. There are only a few pain medications currently approved to treat cats. When it comes to exotic pets, there may be little to no well-known safe medicines for pain treatment.

In addition, our veterinarian can use laser therapy and standard medication if they are safe for your pet.

Benefits of Laser Therapy

The most commonly recognized benefit of laser therapy is pain relief. However, there's much more to the procedure. It causes the release of endorphins, which can provide fast pain relief.

This procedure also increases blood flow and oxygen, along with cell and tissue stimulation, which can speed healing. It also relaxes muscles and decreases inflammation.

Laser therapy can help your pet recover quickly with less pain. It may also improve their overall outcome.

How Is Laser Therapy Performed?

Laser treatment is non-invasive. The handheld laser is passed over the area. This laser creates a warming sensation that most pets seem to enjoy. The session will last for 15-30 minutes.

How often this is required depends on the condition. For example, surgical incisions may need daily treatment. On the other hand, chronic diseases like arthritis are usually treated once a week.

Laser Therapy at Animal Hospital of Union Grove

At Animal Hospital of Union Grove, we provide veterinary care in Union Grove, WI. In addition, we offer laser therapy and other services to keep your pet healthy and happy. Contact us at (262) 878-3333 to schedule an appointment for your furry friend. 

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