Pet Laser Therapy for Pain Management in Union Grove, WI

Pet Laser Therapy for Pain Management

Help your furry friend feel better with pet laser therapy at the Animal Hospital of Union Grove.

There’s nothing worse than seeing your pet in pain because of arthritis, a ligament tear, or some other complication. You want your dog or cat to feel better, but you may fear the side effects of prescription medications. Fortunately, there’s a better solution.  

At the Animal Hospital of Union Grove, our team of expert veterinarians can administer state-of-the-art pet laser therapy. This safe, noninvasive treatment provides almost instant pain relief. It can also help pups and kitties recover from injuries. 

In this article, we offer more insight into pet laser therapy and its benefits.   

What Is Pet Laser Therapy?

Though a laser may sound scary, we encounter them every day. Barcode scanners at the grocery store use lasers. Your DVD player does too.

The therapeutic lasers used to administer pet laser therapy are equally harmless. During this noninvasive procedure, a handheld laser wand emits different types of light waves. These light waves stimulate electrons, increasing blood flow and helping cells repair themselves.  

Some lasers emit higher wavelengths that target deeper tissues like muscles and bones. Other lasers emit lower wavelengths that target superficial tissues. 

What Does Pet Laser Therapy Treat?

Pet laser therapy can be used to treat a variety of veterinary medical conditions, including:

  • Chronic arthritis
  • Surgical incisions
  • Tendon and ligament injuries
  • Traumatic injuries

How Is Pet Laser Therapy Performed?

A pet laser therapy session at the Animal Hospital of Union Grove is completely painless and stress-free. 

During the session, a veterinarian will move a handheld laser wand back and forth over the damaged tissue. (And no, your pet won’t need to be shaved.) This produces a warm sensation that pups and kitties tend to enjoy. 

Most sessions last 15 to 30 minutes. Frequency depends on the condition. Chronic conditions like arthritis may need weekly sessions, while surgical incisions often need daily attention. 

What Are the Benefits of Pet Laser Therapy? 

Pet laser therapy is becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason. This innovative procedure offers many benefits, such as:

  • Decreased inflammation and pain
  • The release of feel-good hormones called endorphins
  • Faster healing and repair
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Increased blood flow 

Pet Laser Therapy at the Animal Hospital of Union Grove

Does your senior pup’s arthritis worsen during the cold Wisconsin winters? Or, has your beloved kitty recently broken her leg during an outdoor adventure? Either way, pet laser therapy can help reduce inflammation and speed healing. 

To learn more about pet laser therapy at the Animal Hospital of Union Grove, contact us at (262) 878-3333 to schedule an appointment for your furry friend. 

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